lowest price on fender guitar picks

Please, google “fender guitar picks.” You should find fenderguitarpicks.com right up top there with fender.com, amazon.com, and guitarcenter.com. note the guitarcenter listing:

Fender 351 Standard Guitar Picks Heavy 1 Dozen | Guitar …


Guitar Center

Shop for the Fender 351 Standard Guitar Picks in Heavy 1 Dozen and receive free shipping and guaranteed lowest price.

Uhm. Their price for a dozen 351 Classic Celluloid Fender Guitar Picks is $5.99.
Fact is? WE have the lowest price on 351 Classic Celluloid Fender Guitar Picks. Okay? And that’s a fact, JACK!

hey, ever notice that fenderguitarpicks.com has lower prices than amazon or anywhere else on ebay?

Everyone loves shipment tracking for online purchases. Well, almost everyone. The problem is when tracking a package costs more than the package. Most of our items are a dozen Fender guitar picks of one shape and or color and or thickness or another. And most times, we wrap these safely and securely in plastic wrap, put them in a sealed white envelope, and that envelope weighs less than one ounce, which lets us use first class mail, one Forever Stamp, which costs us 47 cents. Compare that to the USPS price with tracking that brings the postage cost up to $2.74. Our prices are the lowest you’ll find.

Other prices? All the way up to $9.99. Same picks.

$9.99? That’s with free shipping also. But… what are they thinking? Is it worth six dollars plus to see that your guitar picks are on the way? We tell you when they’re on the way. And then in a few days, you get them. In the same mailbox that the $9.99 deal gets delivered into.

And that’s just eBay. Take a look at Amazon. Google 12 fender guitar picks medium shell amazon.

We did and we got…

Fender 351 Classic Celluloid Guitar Picks 12-Pack – Shell – Medium

List Price: $5.99
Price: $4.99 & FREE Shipping on orders over $49.

Well. We’re not gonna spend nearly 50 bucks. All we want is a dozen guitar picks. Fenders. Classic celluloid. Medium. Shell.

And on Amazon at $4.99? It’s often an ADD-ON item.  What the hell is that? It means you get that price only when you buy a bunch of other stuff. Want them NOW? Prices start at $4.95. And go up.
Apparently your dozen guitar picks are not important enough to Amazon to warrant them treating  you in the manner that we at least expected to be, which is not to say we want them to kiss our you know what, but a little respect maybe? Like, YES, SIR… A dozen fender medium shells, coming right up… Hey, you know somethin’? You CAN kiss… well.

Bottom line? We have the lowest price. We have a lower price than any competitor on Amazon, as a matter of fact, we usually have just about the lowest price anywhere you’re gonna find on the Internet, or in any retail store for the matter. You realize that means you get the lowest price in the WORLD from us. No, we’re not gonna kiss you or anything, and no we don’t give you tracking, but when you buy a dozen guitar picks from us they arrive in the same way a dozen guitar picks from our competitors do, it’s just that ours arrive in a First Class Mail White Letter Envelope. And we use good old USPS Forever Stamps. Most of the time we even use Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Elvis, Lydia Mendoza or Ray Charles stamps too.

And if you find a lower price? Let us know, We’ll do our best to beat it. mailto:bopwopiii@gmail.com.

Customized Sandpaper Grip Fender 346 Shape Rounded Triangle Classic Celluloid Guitar Picks

Sweaty hands make you drop picks now and then? Try our new stab at custom doctoring Fender Guitar Picks, this time with sandpaper on a 346 Shape Heavy White Rounded Triangle. With sandpaper glued to the non-logo side of the pick for a firm grip, the three business ends of each pick is left exposed for regular duty making your strings do what you want and when you want, all with reduced spinning or possibility of dropping or losing grip on the pick at the worst times, not that there is ever a good time. Try them and let us know how you like ’em.

Buy ’em now – Three CUSTOMIZED Super Sandpaper Grip Fender White Heavy Guitar Picks 346 Shape346sand

fender guitar picks why ain’t we number 1?

I’m gonna rant here. read to end though, find world’s lowest prices…
google “fender guitar picks” & after ADS you get
1) fender.com OUT OF blacks & extra heavies. $4.99/doz + SHIPPING.
2) amazon.com $4.59/doz & up usually shipping extra. NO extra heavies.
3) musiciansfriend.com $4.59/doz OUT of stock on extra heavies
4) guitarcenter.com $5.99/doz and no extra heavies
5) Sweetwater.com OUT of 7 of 16 Classic Celluloids. Others 4.99/doz
6) FENDERGUITARPICKS.COM 15 of 16 Classic Celluloids in stock,
now why ain’t we Google number 1?