What kind of guitar picks does Pete Townshend use?


1989 – present – Pete’s Guitar picks

A pick from Pete’s Guitar in St. Paul, Minn.

In at least 1989 and 1996–1997, Pete used medium and heavy picks from a store called Pete’s Guitar in St. Paul, Minnesota, owned by the late Pete Alenov. Pete’s Guitars was known as a provider to the stars, including ZZ Top, the Rolling Stones, George Harrison and The Who, among others. Their famous sign in the window: “By Appointment Only.”

Ca. 2000, photo of Pete’s Pete’s Guitar pick.

1996 – present – Custom-printed picks

Beginning in 1996, Pete began to use custom-printed picks, often imprinted for the particular show. He also used Ernie Ball and Fender picks, also often custom-printed.

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A pick from the 1998 Woodstock show1998, Woodstock (A Day in the Garden)

A pick from 20002000

A pick from 20012001

A pick from 20022002

A pick from the 20022002