Guitar Pick Turf Wars – the Fender 351 Classic Celluloid Gang


Write the caption for this photo and when a free dozen guitar picks. Bill will pick the winner based on how funny it is. Contest ends as soon as Bill decides it’s over, which will be when he finds someone has added a funny enough comment to give away a free dozen guitar picks. Hurry.  Must be of legal age of consent to win a dozen guitar picks or void where you can’t do it. If for some reason you cannot add a comment to this post? Call Bill at 631 – 553 – 0748.

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Win a Dozen Fender Guitar Picks

What kind of Fender 351 Classic Celluloid Guitar Picks do you prefer and why? Shell, White, Black, Confetti? Thin, Medium, Heavy or Extra Heavy? OR? give us your favorite guitar pick story joke or whatever jive you can come up with to try to scam us out of a free dozen picks…  Comment below and we will select one of you at random each week at max and you will win a dozen of your favorites. No purchase necessary.  You can only win once a month.  Void where you can’t do it. No cash value. Must be 18 or older or have parental consent and be able to prov it legally. You also have to at LEAST have a guitar, play the guitar, WANNA play the guitar or know someone who might use these picks if you win them and please, don’t let us find out you resold them on e-Bay, okay?