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Saran – Rap Artist

Saran is an exciting new rap artist, and he has been setting the local music scene on fire since he was discovered playing with matches  in back of #BartiniBar in Babylon.

Here’s what people are saying about Saran Rap Artist 🎨

He’s a nice guy but there’s just something wrong with him I don’t know what it is.

Lots of guys that come in here play a guitar, but Saran, there’s something just a little bit different about this guy, he told me once that he fell for the guitar was too restrictive so he just takes these guitar picks and stabs at the air…

He’s wild, he’s unpredictable, and he only does instrumentals. I’ve never quite heard anything like him, He’s such a perfectionist I mean he’ll tune up for 12 minutes and near as I can tell nobody can hear a friggin thing, yet when he’s done, everybody in the crowd is so happy.

His rig is incredible,  he uses Fender 351 classic Celluloid guitar picks exclusively that he gets from Fenderguitarpicks.Com but he doesn’t use them straight out of the box, he individually wraps them in what else but, and this is a brilliant part, Saran Wrap! Talk about a natural endorsement deal the guys going to be a millionaire any day now.

This is not normal air guitar, okay? Some of the notes this guy doesn’t play are like helium, man. There’s definitely some oxygen deprivation going on here but no one can quite figure it out .

Hendrix played with his teeth? Saran does this sample the wind Mariah song, and then breaks into a tribute medley of Bob Dylan’s hurricane, blowing in the wind, and if you’re not careful he runs up and down the bar and samples everybody’s drink. It’s insane, it’s unsanitary and it usually gets him thrown out of the place, but he’s such a perfectionist he comes back every week apologizes advise everybody two rounds.

He’s clearly special. We worry about him. How long he might be able to keep up the pace. No one knows where he’s from, and most of us are hoping that he’s 26 years old you know what I mean?

Everyone knows we’re in the presence of weirdness.

But I started that originally I was not Saran Wrap artist At first I was just happy to be in the business and I was known as glad wrap but people will not very happy to see me or listen to my new style and it was very difficult for a person might like myself playing and performing a guitar instrumentals in a rap motif if you will so it was suggested that I try busking so I got to like a burger king crown and put it on my head and I went down to the Port Authority building and I was very happy about that and I called myself glad wrap the bus King and you know you work on tips basically when you perform like that but because I didn’t have a guitar I didn’t have a guitar case neither showing people would try to tip me there was no place to put the money so is very difficult to make ends meet and even more difficult to determine when I was at the end of a song because there was no sound to stop you know. And even then they thought I was too loud. I do use an app for all Anna I remember is a young man I saw this is spinal tap and I was one of the first songs and I wrote was called spinal tap rap it was dedicated to them for giving me the idea of having an app that went to zero and that’s where I keep it set today. Did you can’t hear it anyway. Not even a dog whistle thing. So like I said I was called glad wrap and even though I was happy nobody else was and then I had a vision that I had actually been reincarnated from earlier days in rock and roll and I realize that I was feeling glad all over should I change my name and decided to take a sabbatical you know retire early kind of like Eric Clapton did about seven or eight times a week. But he had a lot of money stashed what can I did so my retirement didn’t last very long about 11 minutes. It took me a while to get my chops back but when I did I find myself in front of a store front so I can change my name to store-brand rap and that went okay for a little while it’s that people said that it was a little flimsy I would never stick. And they were right. It was a cheap trick on my part. And I regret that. It was around that time that I realized I could travel back and forth in time I was always late for something and I realized it because I had no sense of time I have chosen a good career because I really didn’t have any gigs so I could never be late and a lot of people say still that I am ahead of my time so I bought it into the future where we are now so I went back in time I sued the Beatles for Sergeant Pepper that didn’t work and then eventually ask that settled on Saran Wrap…

I’m really excited about my debut album it revisits all the different names that have had it’s a really a tribute to. Johnny Cougar Mellencamp who gave me the idea that I could be call myself whenever I wanted to Cashman m56 12 times a day so for a while I was known as cling wrap sandwich wrap of course plastic wrap some people say that my rap is very seedy so I have a CD coming out but it’s also going to be on vinyl wrap and that’ll be on the naugahyde record label. Then I saw the star to listen to a lot of iced tea you know? One of my heroes and for a while I did nothing but what I called freezer wrap. But I got a bad chest cold and then I was known as Weezer rap.

We spent the day recently with Saran. – rap artist in our never-ending invasive irritating and obnoxious Cutting Edge or journalistic Style it has been for most reputable establishments and music venues, but today fortunately we find Saran rap artist in need of the services of a bail bondsman and the second phone call.

Boy am I glad to see you just give me the quarters right you got change like I said right great I’ll be right back

It’s 9 a.m. and we can over here Saran Wrap artist speaking to his agent we creep up and turn on our tape recorder

I don’t care what the f*** you tell them tell them I got held over by popular demand.

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