How do you do your lead sheets?s


A bunch of folks were

discussing  how we do our lead Sheets

Interesting topic . Here’s how I do mine  not saying it’s the best way I’m sure it’s not but it gets the job done  and it’s fairly painless.

I Google the title followed by “chords and lyrics” And usually the first one or two is Ultimate Guitar

I grab that then I left Mouse click copy and paste all the way down to the end I paste that into a text document in wordpad that I save that as a. Txt the file name is the title of the song or whatever it is I want to do title was for the files then I open it up in word or I actually use open Office because it’s free and I create a Word document so I can make the font as big as possible. Then I can try to get it down to one page if that works if not two pages I print them put them in plastic sheets at a loose leaf binder and I want I want to put a set together I just organized the pages eventually I wanted up with an old lady shopping bag that’s got a whole bunch of loose pages and then I go back and I put it all back together again it’s kind of like the Big Bang Theory the universe collapses into a singularity and explodes they’re all over the place the dog is chewing on one others are in the guitar case so on and so forth It’s a cycle.

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