guitar picks

Look at the modern day guitarist and the tools of the trade…

Simple, inexpensive, humble and vital, guitar picks are not just another guitar accessory… rather, they can spark more spirited conversation and opinion among pickers, pluckers and strummers than even the make and model of guitar chosen to be played.

Musicians through the ages have used plectrums to get better and more controllable sound out of their stringed instruments, dating back at least two thousand tears. The first plectrums, now more commonly known as “picks,” were likely made of bird feather quills, and were the choice of most pluckers until just before the 20th century.

In the late 1800’s, the shells of the Atlantic Hawksbill sea turtle, aka the “tortoiseshell” became popular, for its superiority in tone and flexibility. Up until then, a combination of a thumb and finger pick style was used by guitarists.

Prior to the 1920s most guitar players used thumb and finger picks, until popular musician Nick Lucas came along with his “plectrum style” guitar picks.


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