what kind of guitar picks should I use?

what kind of guitar pick

Why do we prefer one style or brand or thickness or material or shape or color for that matter over others of the guitar picks we use?

This page is hoped to be a little forum where we can share our opinions and thoughts on these matters. No holds barred other . Barred chords fine, as well as all other forms.

Comments extremely welcome:

I used thin picks for years. Why? When I bought my first guitar and bought some picks for the first time, the guy behind the counter at *** ***said, “here, these are good.” I didn’t know any better, but now I know that he probably pushed them at me because he had no clue and/or they were overstocked on thin picks.

They say Jimi Hendrix would just grab a big hand full of whatever was in the medium box or jar, no regard for brand, shape or color.


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