Win a Dozen Fender Guitar Picks

What kind of Fender 351 Classic Celluloid Guitar Picks do you prefer and why? Shell, White, Black, Confetti? Thin, Medium, Heavy or Extra Heavy? OR? give us your favorite guitar pick story joke or whatever jive you can come up with to try to scam us out of a free dozen picks…  Comment below and we will select one of you at random each week at max and you will win a dozen of your favorites. No purchase necessary.  You can only win once a month.  Void where you can’t do it. No cash value. Must be 18 or older or have parental consent and be able to prov it legally. You also have to at LEAST have a guitar, play the guitar, WANNA play the guitar or know someone who might use these picks if you win them and please, don’t let us find out you resold them on e-Bay, okay?

5 thoughts on “Win a Dozen Fender Guitar Picks”

  1. I prefer a medium ~.7 I have a pretty light touch and it gives just enough to give the string a flick, but still allows you to dig in when you have to. Color-wise I’m pretty open – shell are classic looking, but harder to find, especially sitting on a black textured amp. Lighter colors jump out more.

    1. Heh, right you are, color is often a matter of contrast based on where you plan on losing your pick. That’s one reason why Confetti is so popular, you have three times the chance for it to stand out on a single color background. Shell may be classic but it’s also good camouflage.

    1. Are you right or what? Dark guitar? White picks taped to the back. Pat Boone shoes penny loafers? Slide a couple
      black extra heavy 351 shape classic celluloid fender guitar picks behind your toes…

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